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HOPE Celebrates National Pharmacist Day January 12th

The pharmacists at The Pharmacy at HOPE got goody bags from the pharmacy tech staff during HOPE's staff appreciation recognition time this week. Pictured left to right are McKenzie Owens, clinical pharmacist; Richard Cox, Director of Pharmacy Services; Lindsey Watson, clinical pharmacist; and Kelsey White, staff pharmacist. HOPE loves our "Pharmily!"

The staff of the Pharmacy at HOPE honored our staff pharmacists this week in honor of National Pharmacist Day on Friday, January 12. The close-knit staff, which refers to itself as “the Pharmily,” used HOPE’s monthly staff appreciation time to give each pharmacist a gift bag and a Pharmacist’s Word Search Book.


The Pharmacy at HOPE opened in 2016 and has grown to ten staff members, consisting four pharmacists and six pharmacy technicians. It soon outgrew its original location in the building and moved across the lobby to a larger space. While HOPE patients enjoy the benefits of having pharmacy staff involved in their care plans, the Pharmacy at HOPE is available to everyone in the community, whether or not they are established patients at HOPE.


Here are a few helpful things to know about The Pharmacy at HOPE.


Our Clinical Pharmacy Program – Two of HOPE’s four pharmacists work as clinical pharmacists, with Lindsey Watson providing support to HOPE’s medical providers and McKenzie Owens working with our behavioral health providers to be part of each patient’s care team.


Medication counseling and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) – Our pharmacists offer one-on-one counseling as appropriate and conduct annual medication management reviews of each patient’s medical profile.


Competitive pricing and the Prescription Assistance Program – The Pharmacy at HOPE has a staff member dedicated to helping patients navigate their best, most affordable options for obtaining the medications they need to treat their medical conditions.


Bilingual Navigation and Interpretation  Services – The Pharmacy at HOPE has a bilingual pharmacy technician on staff to work with Spanish-speaking patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). The Pharmacy also has access to interpretation services for patients in need of interpretation assistance for languages other than Spanish.


The Pharmacy at HOPE continues to grow daily! Its staff strives to provide efficient, accurate, and informative prescription fulfillment for each customer we serve. To learn more, call 615-644-6979 or visit the Pharmacy at HOPE, located at the HOPE Westmoreland Health Center, 1124 New Highway 52 East in Westmoreland. Come see us!

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