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Early Detection Saves Lives

HOPE and Help for Cervical Cancer Prevention



Cancer. The “Big C.” Chances are, you or someone you love has received this frightening diagnosis and grappled with the aftermath.


Early detection is a significant factor that can contribute to surviving a cancer diagnosis. But many Tennesseans struggle to afford health insurance and out-of-pocket costs of the diagnostic screenings that enable early detection.


To recognize Cervical Cancer Prevention Week January 22nd-28th, 2024, we at HOPE Family Health want to remind those in our service area that HOPE is a proud participant in the Tennessee Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program (TBCSP).


The TBCSP allows women with low incomes who are either uninsured or underinsured to receive the breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic services that can save lives.


At HOPE, we offer breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings at no cost to qualified patients. Our eligible patients:

  • Have a household income at or below 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines; and

  • Are uninsured or under-insured; and

  • Meet the program age requirement. Women between the ages of 21 and 74 may be eligible for one of the services.


Nedra Bowman, the TBCSP Coordinator at HOPE, has seen firsthand how the program helps our patients. “On most occasions the patients will have a negative screening,” she said. “But in some cases, a screening will be positive and require further testing. The program will pay for this. If the patient needs a colposcopy or a GYN referral for cervical issues, the program pays for this. If the patient is diagnosed with cervical cancer we can refer that patient to the Health Department to see if she qualifies for insurance and can get coverage for the cancer treatment.”


“We want all women to know we want to help them get their screenings,” she added.


In 2022, the last year for which the State of Tennessee has data, the TBCSP provided over 5,700 cervical services and diagnosed 157 cervical pre-cancers and cancers. Likewise, the program provided over 14,600 breast services and diagnosed 164 breast cancers as a result. In 2022, the TBCSP program saw an increase in Tennessee women screened compared to previous years; among those screened, the program saw over a 47% increase in Hispanic women served, and over a 24% in black women served.


HOPE works every day to make health care accessible and affordable to all who come to us seeking services. By partnering with the State of Tennessee Department of Health to administer this program to our patients, HOPE is expanding its mission, bringing HOPE and healing to even more patients in our service area in tangible, practical, potentially life-saving ways.


HOPE welcomes patients seeking breast and cervical services at its three locations:

  • 1124 New Highway 52 East, Westmoreland, TN, 615-644-HOPE (4673) or 615-644-2000 (HOPE Westmoreland)

  • 10427 New Highway 52 West in Westmoreland, TN, 615-644-WEST (9378) (HOPE Westside)

  • 300 Steam Plant Road, Suite #210, Gallatin, TN, 615-644-0509 (HOPE Gallatin)

Additionally, the HOPE Westmoreland site will begin offering mammography in early 2024.


Make your appointment now for peace of mind and healing. Remember, early detection saves lives, and the life it saves could be yours. 


For more information visit the TBCSP Website.  

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