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POSITION TITLE:  Medical Provider (Mid-Level)

BOARD APPROVED: 12/16/2020

REPORTS TO:  Director of Medical Services


DIVISION:  Clinical Patient Care




JOB SUMMARY:  The certified mid-level medical provider will function as a member of a team of health professionals providing medical services to HOPE Family Health patients.  The mid-level medical provider shall, under appropriate direction and supervision by a collaborating physician, provide care, assessment, interpretation of data, and develop and implement therapeutic care plans.  The mid-level medical provider may be permitted to perform the following functions.  This is not intended to be all-inclusive or exclusive and shall be directly established by the provider’s privileges as established by HOPE Family Health in the providers contract and credentialing agreement.




  1. Perform physical examinations and take histories from patients.  Responsible for screening examinations on adults and pediatrics and recommend referrals when symptoms and signs indicate it is appropriate.

  2. Complete care of minor conditions; e.g. minor lacerations, URI, puncture wound, abrasions, bites, etc.

  3. Responsible for emergency care in critical conditions; must know limits and make appropriate referrals in both emergent and non-emergent conditions. Must initiate appropriate evaluation and emergency management for emergency situations, for example, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, injuries, burns and hemorrhage.

  4. Participate in medical staff and other HOPE meetings and committees.  As well as participate in Hope’s Quality Improvement activities.

  5. Participate in formulation of appropriate HOPE policies, procedures and protocols. Responsible for supporting policies and programs of HOPE, both clinically and administratively.

  6. Assume responsibility, along with other HOPE medical and office staff, for family planning, providing information, counseling, examination and prescription of appropriate methods of birth control. Complete paperwork, as necessary, for all programs and to provide financial and statistical data.

  7. Provide nutritional counseling such as the diet of normal infant, diabetic, ulcer and hypertensive diets; is familiar with and refers to other paramedical health programs and community resources for health guidance and specialty clinics.

  8. Assures maintenance of patient health records and transferred as required when patients are referred; also participants with the physicians in a periodic review of the patient’s health records to determine health status. Records pertinent patient data.

  9. Make decisions regarding data gathering and appropriate management and treatment of patients being seen for the initial evaluation of a problem or the follow-up evaluation of a previously diagnosed and stabilized condition.

  10. Initiate requests for commonly performed initial laboratory studies.

  11. Identify normal and abnormal findings on history, physical examination and commonly performed laboratory studies.

  12. Perform clinical procedures such as:

    1. Venipuncture

    2. Intradermal tests

    3. Electrocardiogram

    4. Care and suturing of minor lacerations

    5. Splinting

    6. Control of external hemorrhage

    7. Application of dressings and bandages

    8. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

    9. Audiometry screening

    10. Visual screening

    11. Carrying out aseptic and isolation techniques

    12. Care and removal of superficial skin lesions

  13. Dispensing, prescribing and administration of medications as specified in the HOPE drug formulary protocol for mid-level practitioners as approved by the appropriate regulatory boards.

  14. Complete all patient paper and Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation completely and timely

  15. Responsible for on-call coverage on a scheduled rotating basis established by HOPE

  16. Provide counseling and instruction regarding common patient problems

  17. Must engage in Continuing Medical Education activities in order to maintain validity of certification and participate in available in-service programs

  18. Interact with students and residents which might include but not limited to those in college, medical, nursing, mid-level schools and residencies

  19. Must maintain a current and valid license as a Certified Mid-Level Provider (NP, PA, Etc.) in the State of Tennessee. Must maintain a current and valid federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) certificate to prescribe controlled substances. Any restrictions, revocations or mandated change to the TN license or DEA certificate must be notified in writing, within two days, to the Chief Operations Officer (COO) or Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of HOPE.

  20. This Job Description is to be used in conjunction with approved duties of Mid-Level providers (NP, PA, Etc) as stated by the appropriate licensing body of the State of Tennessee.




  1. Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Chief Medical Officer or Chief Executive Officer.




  1. Off-Site work is required occasionally.

  2. The types of work he/she has the option to perform off-site include (This list may not be exhaustive):

    1. Charting

    2. Taking call

    3. Consulting with other health care facilities or providers




  1. Must hold an active Tennessee NP or PA license.

  2. Mid-level provider must hold active certificate issued by the Tennessee State Board of Nursing or Medical Board to practice in TN

  3. Must have completed an accredited, Board-approved master’s or post-master’s nurse practitioner or Physician Assistant’s program or other Board-approved program that awarded an advanced degree or course of study considered by the Board to be equivalent to that required for certification in TN at the time the course was completed.

  4. Certification by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses Credentialing Center, or national leading Physician Assistant’s credentialing organization is preferred

  5. Must have a valid and unrestricted DEA certificate

  6. Experience in outpatient medical practice or primary care preferred

  7. Excellent interpersonal skills required

  8. Must be computer literate




  1. Operate a motor vehicle with current Class D driver’s license.  Operate a personal computer and calculator.

  2. Problem Solving:  Frequent problems arise in this position that are outside established policies or bodies of knowledge calling for high-level skills in problem solving.

  3. Decision Making:  Frequent situations arise in this position calling for careful and analytical judgment.

  4. Supervisory:  Extensive responsibility for the direct supervision of those medical assistants that work directly with them.  Requires the judicious use of delegation.

  5. Interpersonal:  Must interact with employees, Board of Directors, governmental officials, and the general public.

  6. Working Conditions:  Works in well-lighted, climate-controlled building.  May be subjected to appearance in less than desirable environment and travel in adverse weather conditions.  May be exposed to body fluids.




  1. Requires sufficient visual acuity to be able to read and write and operate equipment common to this position. Required to read, write and speak English with the ability to speak a foreign language helpful. Requires sufficient hearing level to be able to effectively communicate with people directly or by telephone. Occasionally lift items weighing up to 25 pounds.


This job description is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) (May 1995)

HOPE Family Health Services is an equal opportunity employer who complies with applicable State and Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran or disability status.


Many positions at HOPE Family Health Services are funded in-part or in-whole by State or Federal Department of Health and Human Services funding and as such, our organization cannot employ individuals with certain criminal backgrounds or who are on State or Federal exclusion or debarment lists. 

If you are interested in applying for a position below please download the online application,

 fill it out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY, then submit it to the health center by emailing it,

along with your complete resume, to


For more information | 615-644-2000 ext. 472
E-mail application and resume to Miranda Connor, Director of HR

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