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Position Description – Clinical Data Analyst


POSITION TITLE: Clinical Data Analyst

BOARD APPROVED: REPORTS TO: Chief Operations Officer (COO)


DIVISION: Operations/ Administration


SECURITY ROLES: Administration


JOB SUMMARY: Under the direct supervision of the Chief Operations Officer (COO), the Clinical Data Analyst is responsible for the utilization of data to ensure organization-wide clinical operational efficiency and productivity. The Clinical Data Analyst is responsible for providing EHR optimization, support, and training, ensuring effective data reporting and documentation, and effective implementation of auxiliary EHR and quality functions such as the patient satisfaction survey, patient portal utilization, and patient communication campaigns. The Clinical Data Analyst is a position integral to promoting and ensuring an effective integrated team model. The role also oversees the successful completion of required reporting including but not limited to monthly census, Safety Net, UDS, PCMH, and Quality Assurance and Improvement in order to demonstrate organizational improvement and success.



     1. Ensure optimization of the EHR

          a. Ensure all department needs regarding training and support on the EHR are met; assist clinical staff with            workflows and liaise with HOPE IT to address issues.

          b. Coordinate eCW support and liaise with eCW contacts to address needs across teams and departments.

          c. Serve as the EHR super user and organizational administrator.

          d. Serve as the IT backup for the organization.     

          e. Support departments in utilizing the EHR to inform clinical practice and workflows, improve patient care, and improve documentation.

          f. Work with report-building contractor(s) to build custom reporting templates as needed.

     2. Support the Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Committee

          a. Assist with the organizational QA/QI program, creating and analyzing clinical data reports and developing recommendations, and assisting in monitoring the effectiveness of the program.

          b. Serve on the analysis and patient satisfaction sub-committee and support the committees through tracking and analyzing measures chosen to track effectiveness.

          c. Ensure the organizational Quality Manager(s) have the data and reports required to create reports for the Admin Team, Board of Directors, and any other groups.

     3. Support the organization in managing auxiliary functions of the EHR and other datacollecting platforms including but not limited to:

          a. Patient satisfaction surveys

          b. Kiosk patient registration and check in

          c. Patient educational and recall campaigns d. Patient Portal utilization

4. Support all departments of the organization through developing data reports and providing leadership on some required reporting functions in the organization.

          a. Prepare census and KPI reports for the COO and organizational leadership.

          b. UDS

               i. Is familiar with UDS measures, definitions, and how eCW pulls these measures into UDS reports; attends UDS training as required.

               ii. Ensures that the necessary data is being continuously and accurately collected through eCW and other data sources to complete the annual UDS reports and provide monthly/quarterly UDS data requested from the QI Committee.

                iii. In collaboration with Department Directors, ensures that the clinical data portion of the UDS report is completed; works with a organizational team to ensure the UDS report is submitted to HRSA in a timely manner.

          c. Prepare and submit the quarterly Safety Net Reports to the State of Tennessee.

          d. Provide reports to the Medical Department to support the PCMH program and reporting; support the Director of Medical Services and the Medical Services Manager in annual reporting processes.

          e. Run monthly reports for the CEO to assist in determining whether provider incentives were earned.

          f. Create other data reports as needed for both internal and external purposes.


A. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Off-site work is both required and allowed for this position.

     A. Required Off-Site Work: May occasionally be required to attend meetings, conferences, and other events off-site. May occasionally require work off site for the purpose of responding to administrative issues.

     B. Allowed or Optional Off-Site Work: Allowed to work off-site from time to time if demonstrates proven ability to be productive on tasks requiring sustained focus.



     A. Associates Degree in health field required.

     B. Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in health related field preferred.

     C. Advanced eClinical Works experience required. Super User credentials preferred.

     D. 5+ years of experience working in a clinical environment required.

     E. Ability to optimize EHR processes and workflows, analyze and utilize data to inform internal clinical and operational processes, and support teams in ensuring documentation and data quality.

     F. Organized and detailed in work performance with excellent self-discipline and internal drive.

     G. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with a broad spectrum of people including developing and performing trainings for staff.



     A. Operate a personal computer; proficient in Microsoft 365 including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; specifically proficient use of Excel to build pivot tables and sort data.

     B. Familiarity with the organization’s various data-gathering systems, to include its Electronic Health Record/EBO system.

     C. Demonstrated competence in data management and informatics with strong abilities to collect and analyze data to draw conclusions and make clinical recommendations.

     D. Frequent problems arise in this position that are outside established policies or bodies of knowledge calling for high-level skills in problem solving.

     E. Frequent situations arise in this position calling for careful and analytical judgment.

     F. Must interact with employees, organizational leadership, and occasionally governmental officials and patients.


This position description is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

HOPE Family Health Services is an equal opportunity employer who complies with applicable State and Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran or disability status.


Many positions at HOPE Family Health Services are funded in-part or in-whole by State or Federal Department of Health and Human Services funding and as such, our organization cannot employ individuals with certain criminal backgrounds or who are on State or Federal exclusion or debarment lists. 

If you are interested in applying for a position below please download the online application,

 fill it out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY, then submit it to the health center by emailing it,

along with your complete resume, to


For more information | 615-644-2000 ext. 472
E-mail application and resume to Miranda Connor, Director of HR


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